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October 21, 2010 | Rating: 1/5 Tim Cogshell / Boxoffice Magazine Everything about this film is fairly offensive, including its racial stereotypes, homophobia, misogyny, generally bad writing and amateur filmmaking.October 7, 2010 | Rating: .5/4 Diego Semerene / Slant Magazine The only thing perhaps scarier than being surprised by the gay monster is, apparently, mistaking a tranny for a real woman.The latest is ’s titular service, which makes for a succession of sexual encounters gone awry—their headquarters, Too Cool’s showroom estate, sees enough one-night-stand traffic to have “Walk of Shame” inscribed over the stairwell.

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After Beaver finally goes “gay,” at a club filled with horny gay men ready to eat alive any straight men who dare walk in, he spends the rest of his screen time wearing short shorts, midriff-baring knotted T-shirts, and hosting pool parties.

The film can’t even accept its own logic, though, making Beaver realize, post-flaming out and all, that he cannot bring himself to kiss another man and, therefore, wasn’t truly gay all along.

It could be a little tighter, but the film doesn’t drag and it’s a fun watch.

by Nick Pinkerton September 29, 2010 / we meet Too Cool, Dog, and Beaver (Wesley Jonathan, Chico Benymon, and Leonard Robinson), their partnership revolves around trumping up elaborate schemes to find, mate with, and briskly dispose of women.

Rating: R (for some sexual content) Genre: Comedy Directed By: Joseph A. Too Cool is the main player of the group, easily wooing the ladies back to the bedroom while Dog is your typical chauvinist pig and Beaver is… Everything is working out fine, until the health inspector (an overweight, body-painted-blue Chris Elliott) denies their club a liquor license unless it is brought up to code, and the guys start to find themselves falling for a few of their conquests. “Speed-Dating” is a funny movie, along the lines of New Zealand’s romantic comedy “Sione’s Wedding.” While not all of the bits seem to connect perfectly (there is definitely the feeling of some scenes existing solely for the jokes contained within them), at least the narrative slides make you laugh.

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