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Our only strict three rules we have are never talk about religion, politics or say anything negative about a member that is not present.Of course any offensive sexual aggressive behavior is never allowed.

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We will also meet for club dancing, dinners, breakfast, festivals, art shows and house parties.

The number of members allowed to attend house parties is set by the hostess and members that are willing to host parties in their home will have priority to all house parties.

THE FOLLOWING LETTER WAS RECENTLY SENT OUT TO ALL MEMBERSYesterday I had a table reserved at the Cliff House for thirteen people.

Four people contacted me because they couldn’t make it, and thank you for letting me know. Only a total of four people showed up and the other members were left sitting at a table that had been saved for nine people.

I have always felt that I want to run this club with friendship being the driving force and rules felt unfriendly to me.

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