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If they were to ease up a bit on some of these parameters, maybe make ammo, food and water more available, weapons and armors a bit more durable, and horrible diseases just a little less communicable (more safe zones would help too), it might be easier to focus on the meatier parts of the game, without getting fatigued by the slog of scrap runs.

Fix the pacing by reformatting or eliminating time-sensitive challenges A major problem with Fallout 76 is that it’s trying to be another MMO shooter when Fallout isn’t like a lot of other shooters.

This can especially be true for a multiplayer game, where many elements that can’t be predicted within a small base of QA testers start to reveal themselves after being delivered to a broader audience.

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There’s probably zero chance that Skills will ever be brought back to Fallout, but their presence would have been extremely helpful in fleshing out the teambuilding aspect of Fallout 76—what better way to encourage forming a squad of cooperative players whose strengths supplement your own, than to use the vast areas of special interest and expertise provided by the old Skills system?

But since that will probably never happen, I’d at least settle for some better cards in the SPECIAL system.

Just because a game is bad doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

While it’s definitely a cop-out when an unfinished game is put out before it’s ready and then cleaned up later in updates and patches, at the same time, there are some titles out there that got a false start but were able to make a strong comeback with a few post-release tweaks (Diablo III comes to mind).

Improve deterioration rates across all survival mechanics Fallout 76 taps into some of the rules of Fallout 4’s hardcore mode by requiring the player to regularly eat, drink and avoid disease in order to stay alive.

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