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Second-year student Anna Ye said the event gave older people the chance to recapture their youth by getting back on the dating circuit.

“It seems like a great and fun opportunity to provide social opportunities to a section of the population that is usually excluded from the occupation of dating,” Ye said.

Morgan’s Best Connection Experience: “As a 20 something research manager at P&G I will never forget getting a rather stern telling off from a laundry detergent consumer in Newcastle when I innocently asked why colours and whites needed to be separated.

She loved the opportunity to demonstrate her know how in a category many assume is ‘low engagement’” 25 years experience working in insight teams for global companies such as Kimberly-Clark and Johnson & Johnson as well as Accenture owned capability company Brand Learning.

It’s the type of knowledge that comes from seeing things through other’s eyes and understanding in a way that a spreadsheet can’t.

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