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As a guy who has seen such men in action and heard them tell me of their one-night stand stories, I can’t help but agree that men did, in fact, ruin dating with their hook-up philosophies.

This isn't to say all men are bad, as some are superb gentlemen; it’s just that the bad crowd polluted the dating world.

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I kept track of my progress and looked for areas of improvement, as if I was running a business, but it never made me happy, especially when I had dates that never panned out.

By the end of the process, the Ferrari was far away with the chasing dog extremely exhausted.

I have never been one to place a strong belief in the power of first impressions to accurately gauge what kind of person one may turn out to be.

As I’ve learned in the past, looks are deceiving, but in the field of dating, that never turns out to be the case.

It was easy to discuss my interest in her, as it was guys-only party; yet, there was a catch: Other guys knew her, too, and they also expressed interest in her. They fed each other intel on their encounters with her and how they could, perhaps, win her over.

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