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It may seem as if data validation is a step that slows down your pace of work, however, it is essential because it will help you create the best results possible.

These days data validation can be a much quicker process than you might’ve thought.

Additionally, you can automatically run any data validation workflow on a schedule (or on-demand) which means you can build a workflow once, and reuse it over and over.

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For example, FME’s Geometry Validator, Attribute Validator, and Tester transformers all help you verify that your data is formatted and structured based on your specific data validation rules.

These transformers can be used at the beginning of workflows to validate that the data you’re reading is correct, or at the end of a workflow to validate that your data has been converted and transformed properly.

Depending on your fluency in coding languages, writing a script may be an option for validating your data.

You can compare your data values and structure against your defined rules to verify that all the necessary information is within the required quality parameters.

This information will help you retrace your steps and reconfigure your workflow to fix your data.

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