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Arrival time is set at pm though you can come anytime late.

╔════════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |═════════╗ Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends ╚════════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |═════════╝ This is a FREE MEETUP for everyone.

Who should join this MEETUP Most people join our meetup group with the hope and/or expectation of meeting people with similar likes or interests, and to hopefully make a good friend or two from the experience. Come alone or even with friends, But I am sure when you go back you will have someone as a friend of your life time!!

To celebrate the wonderful time with everyone, we would like to invite you to come and meet many many people. 受付にて”Tokyo Friends Meetup"とお伝えしていただけたら、以下条件で入場可能 (specially arranged for our meetup members) Foreigners: Free Japanese Women: Free Japanese Men: 1500 with 1 drink ╚════════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |═════════╝ 日本語の内容はこちら For info in Japanese https:// About the venue SEL OCTAGON( has gained a quick momentum in providing a colorful experience with its Spatial Diversity, Hospitality, Worldwide DJs and 3D sound system all those with a Gorgeous Interior.

This edition of Meetup Party is organized by various meetup groups, so you can increase your circle of friends as well. It's a not to miss spot if you are looking for a bar-cum-club experience in Roppongi located only 1 min from Tokyo Midtown.

This means we have invited participants from other meetup groups as well, so don’t get disappointed if you see only a few RSVPs here. Details: 【Time】: - pm Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends pm~ You may continue to stay or do an after party with fellow meetuppers as you wish. The venue offers two big spaces: A Cool Standing Bar area to have a conversation and a Dance floor, where you can either dance or sit with your friends. Who should join this MEETUP This meetup is good for those who wants to experience Roppongi's Nightlife.

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