Updating dataset in asp net

The table (time_tracking) to manage hours submitted by a user has the following columns: time_tracking_id employee_id project_id task_id date_hours hours project_mgr_id The UI to enter hours is in this format: All of that data comes from a dataset that I create on the page load.

Basically, I figure out what day it is, figure out the first and last days of the week.

Open() 'start the reader reader = comm List Project.

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the user clicks a save button), the data in the Data Table is merged back into the real database.

I want it to update the Data Table in memory, and then at some user-chosen moment (i.e.

The problem is I can't figure out how to give it update/insert functionality in the actual grid.

So my question is: how do I use a Data Table that I have to create in the code-behind (due to the complexity of the table) and bind it to a Gridview AND set up update/delete/insert functions using an Object Data Source?

Value = reader(6) End If 'let's convert this into a datetime so we can get the day of the week dt Listed = reader(3) 'so now we place the hours - reader(4) into the row that corresponds to what day of the week we are dealing with row Project Hours(dt Listed. I want to add a 'Save' button that will then update the database based on the changes to the Data Table.

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