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The programmer must provide a sort-order preference and a way to sort the original model's elements.

It will print an empty list.package net.codejava.swing; import

i have problem application use netbeans gui builder havea jlist contains elements added element jlist, program have 2 tabs, first tab contain jpanel contains jlist , second tab contain jpanel.

The PDA allows me to find a person's phone number easily by searching on that person's name.

The information is sorted according to standard dictionary-sort order for the contact's name. Instead, the default model provides its content in the same order as you enter it.

(); list Element("USA"); list Element("India"); list Element("Vietnam"); list Element("Canada"); list Element("Denmark"); list Element("France"); list Element("Great Britain"); list Element("Japan"); But, where are the rest of the countries? But, ideally, we would want the scrollbar to appear in this case.

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