Updating netid byname

Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... On Jul 28, 2011, at PM, redsolo wrote: I see, but it seems the upstart package conflicts with sysvinit ( which is marked as essential and with required priority in debian.Done The following extra packages will be installed: avahi-utils The following NEW packages will be installed: avahi-utils plexmediaserver 0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. After this operation, 136 MB of additional disk space will be used. y WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! So it seems that I cant install it without changing something big in my debian installation.

I have added 'mail' to list of maps to build, and ensured that it is pointing to the correct aliases file (/etc/aliases).

The problem I am getting is that when I run make, I get a "Callback timed out" error like the following: # /usr/lib64/yp/ypinit -s nfs1 We will need a few minutes to copy the data from nfs1.

If there were warnings, please figure out what went wrong, and fix it.

Managing NIS maps Creating the list of slave servers on the master Updating NIS Server Maps Building Maps with make NIS maps are databases that specify certain system information such as user names, passwords, and host names, in a database format called DBM.

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