a liquidating trust - Updating the database with a dataadapter and the dataset

These classes interoperate with database directly: SQLite Provider Factory, SQLite Connection, SQLite Transaction, SQLite Data Adapter, SQLite Command, SQLite Parameter, and SQLite Data Reader. Module Module1 Sub Print Dept(By Val connection As SQLite Connection) Dim command As SQLite Command = connection. Command Text = "select * from dept" ' Call the Close method when you are finished using the SQLite Data Reader ' to use the associated SQLite Connection for any other purpose. For more information, refer to the descriptions of these classes.

The Data Set and Sql Data Adapter objects provide a means of working with data that straddles the characteristics of the command and data reader objects.

A Data Set stores data in memory, with the ability to hold many tables.

Data Adapter opens connections only when necessary and closes them immediately after completing a task; for example, when populating a Data Set, it opens the connection, retrieves data to put into the Data Set, and then closes the connection.

This efficiency improves the scalability of an application.

Data Sets merely hold data, and do not interact with a data source.

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