Updating took over 30 minutes for

Either way any new person to the game would have gave up ages ago. Given that it apparently works acceptably for some people, I suspect the problem may be something like insufficient TCP buffer size, which would not cause issues with a low bandwidth delay product but would be more and more noticeable with higher ping times and/or a bigger pipe.IOW a gigabit connection on the other side of the world from the servers would only have a tiny fraction of its capacity used by the LOTRO patcher.

updating took over 30 minutes for-60

Since that time, the "patch" which takes place after the base download, has grown with to an ultimate size of roughly 20 Gig.

Helm's deep was Update 12, the just released Mordor expansion is Update 21.

But when you access a unique item, like the download files for LOTRO, your queries and the actual download has to go all the way back to and be serviced by SSG's own servers.

The game content is NOT cached on your ISP's local servers.

I get 100Mb/s up and down currently, and am pulling a consistent 20-25Mb/s when downloading from most 3rd party platforms.

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