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It doesnt have to spin the disc anymore and the fans wont always be running full blast.It only spins the disc for a few seconds to see what it is in the beginning. Recently my LFD2 was left a friends place and he decided to play it and when I got it back after awhile it started glitching like crazy and I have to keep restarting my xbox because the disc can't read or whatever.

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The game was officially released on May 9, 2012, and set a new sales records on the Xbox Live Arcade, selling more copies in the first twenty four hours of launch than previous titles.

4J Studios has produced Skin Packs as downloadable content. The first Skin Pack, Skin Pack 1, was released July 16, 2012 at a cost of US$1.99.

Any other help is really appreciated ty There's a chance that doing it once may fix it for good.

You will have to download the updates all over again at least one more time though, since clearing the cache does delete them all as Ren said.

Hey everyone, Long time visitor, first time poster. I created a customized MAME ctrlr file for use with the X-Arcade, as well as 4 XBOX 360 gamepads (wired or wireless).

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