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And because the contains various institution_type, I use a XPath filter like this to show only HOSPITAL records only./institutions/institution_type[@name=' HOSPITAL']/institution The Grid View shows data perfectly.

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I am unable to refresh the content of the listview.

This persists even after I leave the page and come back later.

Ensure that your data source has columns Greetings!

I am new to forum so feel free to point me to the proper resources or forums. I have a simple web page with a gridview control and an xmldatasource control. Can someone point out why I am getting the above error and what I need to do to resolve it? /////////////////////////////// Introduction - Razor Flow PHP Dashboard Framework - HTML5 Dashboards for web and mobile Razor Flow PHP is a PHP Framework to easily build interactive, cross-device HTML5 dashboards with a fraction of the effort.

Gridview All, I have another issue with this gridview and the Update of the data.

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