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By the time they reach 18 they have often been cheated on or lied to by so many local guys that they lose interest in them.Now they start to love the tourists that come over because they have never burned them before.This is a pretty tough list to do, not because there aren’t enough options because there are too many.

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Great nightlife, cheap cost of living or travel, many tourist attractions, beaches, girls that are interested in foreigners, safety, and good infrastructure.

Links for longer breakdowns: There are many people backpacking through Southeast Asia and one of the more popular spots to visit is Vietnam.

Asian’s are passive people in general and when you check out any most dangerous cities or countries list Asia gets shut out more often then not.

That makes for a good place for foreign men to meet women on a vacation.

Girls that like foreign men more than their own kind and everything is super cheap so any budget can afford it.

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