Validating icp data statistically dating pros and cons

Frailty manifests as a combination of the pathophysiological consequence of inbuilt senescence and the accumulation of defects throughout a life course.

Frailty ultimately results in recognisable clinical manifestations such as recurrent falls and delirium and is associated with increased mortality, disability and high resource utilisation.16 Conceptually and operationally, frailty appears to be related to, but distinct from, disability, comorbidity and chronological age.17 The importance of contributing environmental factors and the psychosocial impact of frailty are increasingly being recognised18 as important.

Case-mix risk adjustment allows for more accurate comparison of organisational performance by reducing confounding bias.

For example, when considering mortality as an outcome measure for organisations, patient-specific factors such as illness severity influence outcome must be taken into account.

Design A retrospective cohort analysis of data from patients over 75 years of age from the GC international administrative data.

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