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In this W3C tutorial, I gave an example how to validate a wordpress blog.

Find someone reliable to validate your blog: Dhlu Better quality of the video: to Validate a Website | Check Website for Errors & Bugs | Learn HTML & CSS | HTML Tutorial.

Just scan it if you can understand things a bit on the first look.

Yes, you read that correctly - everything we create is available for you to download..✅ What is W3C Validation?

World Wide Web Consortium called W3C allows users to validate HTML and XHTML documents for well-formatted markup.

So, if you can code or modify any child theme, it will have less error.

In any case, copy the full Stylesheet after opening in Notepad or any Text Editor and clean up using Clean CSS.

Those are regular reader of this website knows that we written ago about how to install Word Press offline for testing.

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