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برای حل این مشکل هم کافیست به پوشه نصبی رفته و به Properties فایل اجرایی یا hl2رفته و در تب Comparability رفته و تیک Run this program…

را گذاشته و نسخه ویندوز را بر روی ویندوز XP نسخه Service Pack 2 گذاشته و OK کنید.

Textures that may start causing this bug are "lights/white", "lights/white001", but not "lights/white001_nochop", so that "_nochop" might be a key to understanding what causes this bug.

I've caught a few glimpses of the dialog box as HL2 closes, and it says something about "memory cannot be "read".", which I believe is a common error today.

What is important is that you don't alter comments made by other people and avoid changing the meaning of your own when they aren't brand new.

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