What men are attracted to in online dating

They might think, “I am not that good looking and if I take someone who is much better than me, I might have issues, I might be worried about the faithfulness of my partner”.’ Urszula Makowska, a 24-year-old blogger from New York, has used Tinder and Bumble and admits she is put off when a guy is a 10/10.

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I get worried that this person might be too cocky or too much into themselves or might have the wrong intentions. He is a great looking guy”, but then I come to a conclusion that he is too perfect and I get worried he might be too much into himself or that he may have the wrong intentions.

I also worry he may be just another catfish and I lose interest.’ Amy Sutton, a PR professional from Odiham, tried all the apps before finding her partner and said she had similar feelings when she saw a profile of a perfect ten.

These are important issues affecting the happiness of millions of wonderful people, and we don’t help things by getting over-sensitive. Some like redheads while others think the gingers are positively hideous. You remember those Enzyte commercials featuring Bob and his really happy wife? In some cases, a particular proclivity is a preference, while in others the presence of a quality (or its absence) might be a deal-breaker. It’s a big plus if she has musical taste that’s compatible with mine and if she likes jam bands or Justin Bieber we’re going to have to set some ground rules. If a guy is a physical 5, but once you get to know him he’s an 8, then the service has to find a way to present the 8 to potential matches. If it were me, she wouldn’t have to be Olivia Munn (although if she were that would be okay). You wouldn’t have to think she was pretty, my friends wouldn’t have to think she was hot, and it wouldn’t matter what she rated, on average, if you polled 500 men between the ages of 35 and 54.

Here’s the basic proposition: we’re all attracted to some and not attracted to others. This means we must, in some cases, trick the lizard brain, which cares about that physical number, long enough to get our higher brains invested in the rest of the human across the table. It would only matter that she was in the ballpark – my ballpark – had no deal-breakers, and felt the same about me.

I’m interested to hear what you think, and thanks for tagging along on my little windmill-tilting expedition.

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