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I’m an introverted guy so I kind of have to close the door and recharge. Now that I’m back I feel fully charged and it feels good.”As for adjusting to his fast success, he admitted, “It was really new and it was really fast, so yeah, I was chasing after this roller coaster and I didn’t know where it was going.

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We spoke briefly on the phone in 2009 only because an editor gave a strict edict of no email interviews. In concert, Apple Valley native Breanne Düren is his female counterpart.

His publicist pushes for email interviews because Young does exceptional email interviews. "I never had sisters, I never dated girls in high school, I never had girlfriends," he says.

The only way I know how to play the harmonica is to get my car going superfast and stick it out the window." Note: Last year, Young purchased a black Ford Mustang GT, and he has posted footage on You Tube of the beastly vehicle peeling rubber on a country road likely nearby. "Do you feel sad to see My Space [the service that gave you a platform and grew your fan base before you were signed to a label and had ever performed live] lose its relevance? "We just had to learn how to rock 'n' roll and shout-sing it," she says. That took us about 15 minutes to learn it, and a couple of hours to go to the studio and record it. When they were singing, I could see his jaw drop." "I was really, really, really excited," adds choir member Audrey Darst-Kereakos, who was already an Owl City fan.

"Oh my god, I didn't know it was going to be this huge of a song, and now it's like a worldwide summer anthem for 2012.

"It's 'Purple Rain,'" the Owatonna native and resident tells City Pages.

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