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Only three things in life are sure: taxes, death, and trouble.My first stint with Tinder was by way of a friend pestering me to get on it. ponders whether a cameo at a Taylor Swift concert could mean career suicide.

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Maybe Eminem, if you call the movie where he played himself “acting.” But more common are guys like Ice Cube, Common, and Ludacris, who exist permanently suspended in a slippery crossover between and just wrong. Without beef or drama, rappers (like many writers) often lack purpose.

Nas only returned from a half-decade in the Sinai after Jay-Z told the entire world that he fucked his baby mama.

So maybe it’s fortunate that Gucci and Alley Boy spent much of the summer taking shots at Tip as collateral damage in their feud with Young Jeezy.

The conflict comes to a head on “Addresses,” a diss track on , T.

You can’t keep the mayonnaise jar when the cameras are on you.

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