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The actress, 31, opened up about her friendships with the rest of the Emmerdale stars, likening her relationship with Charity Dingle favourite Emma Atkins, 44, to that of siblings. She drives me mad and we argue like sisters.”Charley, who is currently expecting her third child with Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden, 39, went on to gush about how good a friend Emma has been to her over the years.“When I was pregnant with [her second son] Bowie I was working 12-hour days but with this one I’m so drained so Emma, who lives close by, cooks for me a lot.“I keep threatening to leave the kids with Matthew and just go and lie in her bath,” she joked.“That’s not relaxing at my house when the boys are in,” the soon-to-be mother-of-three added.

“They’re like family to me,” Charley Webb told this week’s OK! Emmerdale's Charley Webb also spoke about her difficulty working through this pregnancy after being diagnosed with symphysis pubis dysfunction.

The Webb family used to be my neighbor here in BF Homes.

he even tore up and renounced his US citizenship on live tv, so if she goes to the states he stays home as he is most likely blacklisted.

The soap stars already have two sons called Buster and Bowie.

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