Who is christina milian dating in 2016

She further explained that she did not know when it would be, but she’s really longing to have two children.

When asked the type of women she prefers, Christina replied, "Just hot! You gotta be cool." Christina and Karrueche, 27, reportedly hooked up last year after Karrueche dumped singer Chris Brown for impregnating a groupie, and Christina was dumped by rapper Li'l Wayne.

"That picture you posted [of Karrueche and Christina kissing] on your blog, that wasn't staged, it was an accident" said my source.

"[Karrueche] leaned in [for a kiss] and Christina didn't back up or turn her head like she normally did" when Karrueche got frisky in public.

He added that Karrueche was "stunned" when Christina let her kiss her in public.

Karrueche is a notorious lipstick bisexual in Hollywood who prefers petite women that she can control.

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