Who is cielo garcia dating

Despite his passion for extra curricular activities, Garcia wasn’t a dummy.In his senior year, he was named “Triton of the Year,” the highest award ever given to a senior graduand.His first recurring role came in Becker where he portrayed Hector Lopez for 13 episodes.

During the peak of their relationship, Garcia and Shady appeared together at red carpet events and posted photos of each other on social media.

They stuck together until 2013 when many began to speculate that the pair had broken up as they were no longer seen together publicly.

Garcia officially launched his acting career 1997 after studying acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.

While working at Borders Books and Music, Garcia began auditioning for film roles.

While on LOST, Garcia was able to land a handful of film gigs including Little Athens (2005), Deck the Halls (2006), and Sweetzer (2007).

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