Who is holly madison dating now

Right now I’m promoting the Vegas Diaries and I’m seven months pregnant, so I’m about to have a baby and I just want more of the same in my life.

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I feel like that was a really fun experience and a great opportunity to have in my 20s, but I’ve kind of grown out of it a little bit so I’m kind of looking for different things in that area.

Holly is the daughter of dad Steve Cullen and mom Patsy Cullen.

She had been included in a reality tv show The Girls Next Door at 2005 and that she was featured in 80 episodes of this series till 2009.

Holly Madison made her film debut from American discovered footage horror movie The Last Broadcast at 1998.

But there’s definitely challenges when you do reality TV especially when you’re single and dating and trying to meet people and you don’t wanna ask somebody you just met, ‘Oh do you wanna be in my reality show today?

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