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She says she entered Shear Genius because of her competitive nature. “For me it’s not about fame, it’s about pushing myself,” she says.

“Fame for me is when I walk down the street and people know my name.

What does she make of the ongoing debate around same-sex marriage in her adopted home state?

She returns today with a new series, Tabatha Takes Over, in which she takes over and turns around a variety of small businesses. For four years Tabatha Coffey has been travelling across America, rescuing failing hair salons.

She told owners what they were doing wrong, shook up and trained complacent staff and refurbished each salon, all in the space of one week.

Recently she decided to sell up and concentrate on her TV work and new opportunities.

“I’m very much a practice-what-I-preach kind of woman.

I would play with the hair of anyone who would let me.

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