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As of this writing, she is ranked 44th among singles.

Born in 1980, Venus Williams' tennis abilities were apparent from a young age.

After years in tennis academies and junior tournaments, she played her first ever professional in Oakland in October of 1994 - at just 14 years of age.

Later that year was her second Grand Slam victory to beat Davenport at the US Open, and then took home the gold at the Sydney Olympics.

By 2002 she had 4 Grand Slam singles titles to her name and the WTA had her ranked as the number 1 tennis player in the world, the first African American woman to achieve that honor. In 2011, Williams suffered a setback when she was diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome, an autoimmune disorder.

However, the fortune of Venus was not destined to be with him and they broke up in 2017 after 4 years of dating, keeping the reason for their split a secret.

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