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in November 2016, saying "For me the biggest thing is just surrounding myself with people that I love, just spending time, it doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as I'm with my friends and my family.

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actor showed off his bulging biceps on Instagram on Saturday (July 13).

's Alison Wilmore wrote, "This may be the first film I've ever seen where when an actor goes to put his hand thoughtfully on his chin, it's so awkward I became afraid he'd somehow miss and poke himself in the eye." claimed "the emotion felt forced and it lacked authenticity," and that the film "is best as a Lifetime movie special of the week." The review even zeroed in specifically on Lautner's performance, saying "he just doesn't fit" in such a dramatic role, and that "he just isn't very believable, as much as he tries to be." Is it any surprise that Lautner seems to take a sabbatical after this?

On her mother’s side, Billie Lourd is the granddaughter of actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher.

She is also the niece of producer Todd Fisher, as well as actresses Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher.

Rumors about their dating life swirled in media when they attended a wedding ceremony together.

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