Who was robert kardashian secretly dating

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Kris Jenner may be Hollywood’s most famous (and successful) momager today, but before she dedicated her entire life to her six children–Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Robert, Kendall and Kylie–Kris had a very busy (and at times scandalous) life of her own.

Born Kristen Mary Houghton, after Kris graduated high school, the future businesswoman worked as a flight attendant for one year.

The reality TV family filmed their reaction to Caitlyn’s book on their show and declared her as a liar.

Meet Ellen Pierson (Ellen Kardashian), Ellen Pierson is Robert Kardashian widow who he married after his divorce from Kris Jenner and just months before his death.

Due to Robert’s success as an attorney and businessman, Kris was often subjected to the finer things in life and soon became accustomed to living a life of luxury. The rumors of an alleged hook up would carry on for years and would later spark an even bigger scandalous rumor of Simpson being the alleged biological father of Kris’ daughter Khloe.

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