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from brittle bones and wrinkly skin to heart disease and cancer. The Israeli action also targeted Hizbollah strongholds in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Leba- non and areas just north of the security zone.A combined team from Darwin Molecular, a Seattle biotechnol- ogy company, and the Seattle Veterans Administration Medical Centre describe the gene today in the journal Science. A Lebanese soldier was killed and two wounded when their checkpoint was hit near the southern port city of Tyre. Israel's northern front commander, said he expected the strikes to last several days.The UBS response almost cer- tainly means the proposal Is dead.

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Page 2 Yugoslavia bank feud: A feud has surfaced in Belgrade between Yugoslavia’s natio nal bank g ov- ernor.

Draguslav Avramovic, and his government over monetary policy, International Monetary Fund membership and privatisation.- Page 3 Infogrames Entertainment of France is to acquire UK-based Ocean International in a deal val- ued at about SLOttn, creating the biggest interactive computer games company in Europe.

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- The merger - proposed by CS last week - would have created the world’s second-largest bank after the recently merged Bank erf Tokyo-Mitsubishi, with assets of nearly SFr SOOfan ($861bn) and significant shares in investment banking markets in the US and Europe. In blunt terms rarely seen in Switzerland’s financial commu- nity, that Mr Rainer Gut, chair- man of CS Holding, the group built around the Credit Suisse bank, had attempted to blackmail UBS when making his proposal last week.

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