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Above you can see the full world map for the Orb Vallis, which is the name of the Fortuna open world.

If you look for the patches of green you can spot over ten large-scale building complexes, so expect a good mix of outdoor exploration and close-quarters fighting.

Earlier, a stream with Digital Extremes revealed that the Warframe Fortuna release date is set for the first week of November, with the Switch version of Warframe set to drop later in the month on November 20, 2018.

This is a little bit later than the autumn 2018 launch date originally provided by creative director Steve Sinclair at Tennocon 2018.

Dotted around the central canal you will find a number of key merchants and NPCs, selling everything from make-your-own Moa pets and kitguns, to fishing supplies and tranq rifles.

Spend some time around the hub and you’ll also learn plenty about the culture of augmented people who toil away in service of the Corpus.

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