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If you want to back up your current library, you can do so from within Kodi.Only do this from one machine—choose the machine with the most up to date libraries. (If you don’t see these options, make sure your menus are set to “Advanced” or “Expert” in Kodi.) You can export your library as a single file or as separate files.

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We have one final task before going to configure Kodi.

Make sure that Port 3306 (the My SQL server port) is open on the firewall of the machine you’ve installed My SQL onto.

For this project, you’ll need the following: You can install the My SQL server on any computer that will be consistently on while you’re using the media centers.

In our case, we’re going to install My SQL on the same always-on home server that we store our movies and TV shows on—that way, any time the media is available to Kodi, so is the database.

A single file will allow you to put your backup in one place, while multiple files will scatter extra JPG and NFO files into your media folders—this is more reliable, but quite cluttered. Once your library is backed up, continue to the next step.

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