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The project is funded by the Visegrad Fund, Academy of Fine Art in Prague, National Heritage Institute and Třeboň Town Council.

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A large renaissance chateau, medieval monastery and an old brewery dominate its historical centre, which nevertheless suffers from depopulation to suburbs and is in need of social and economic renewal.

The buildings and the historical centre itself offer large private and public spaces suitable for exhibiting art.

Today, when the small town community of Třeboň, just like society in general, faces not only economic crises but also crises of decline of social and moral values, the participating artists of the Visegrad Four consider this an up-to-date challenge.

They will bring to the project an international/multi-cultural dimension and will try to introduce to the viewer the role of art in determining what is considered to be private and what public and the shifting boundary between the two, which is to be the main subject of the show.

V dnešní době kdy společnost malého města jako Třeboň, zrovna tak jako společnost všeobecně, čelí nejen hospodářské krizi ale i krizi rozkladu sociálních a morálních hodnot, považují zúčastnění umělci Visegrádské čtyřky tuto akci za vysoce aktuální výzvu.

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