Xfactordating com

While not subscribed as a paying member you get emailed whenever you receive a message, but you can't see the content of the message OR who sent it.

If you finally subscribe, you'll find out why - a large number of two or three word messages are sent from obviously fake, incomplete accounts with no pictures.

For 19.99 it was great value and i may have found the Xfactor as im seeing someone again this week…

Tried to go to the speed dating event in the Abbey which was supposed to be open until 1am. Other people were also stranded and waiting outside.

These people took money and didn't bother telling anyone that they had cancelled the event.

Not surprisingly, The Guardian took them to the High Court and won the case…

Read Full Review Basically, this site appears to be a massive scam...

I then meet up with 2 of them on a date after some regular banter and still going strong with 1 of them - who is a superstar.

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