Zippo lighter dating

This special wartime model would become known as “Black Crackle” due to the cracking of the paint.It’s the Zippo that started the collectible craze, and it’s a Zippo collector’s holy grail.When you have a product perfect for collecting—many iterations, a reasonable price tag (minus that 18K gold number), a long history—and you factor in a certain je ne sais quoi, you have something that will spur the creation of collectors clubs (there are many), fan pages, and rabid collectors all hunting for Black Crackles, old date markings, and a two-wheeled Zippo that somehow slipped out of a factory in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Finally, having ensured minimal repeat business, go ahead and launch your company in the middle of The Great Depression.

Now, our business acumen developed solely from watching episodes of , but this sounds like an awful idea.

With Black Crackle in mind, Zippo would go on to do other extremely limited editions of their standard pocket lighter, each helping cement a loyal following of collectors.

There was a Zippo made for every Mercury and Apollo mission.

First, sell an item only a portion of the population needs.

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